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First the moon landing, now this.

Fantastic, man. I've been waiting for a new episode for ages. It really was the dirtiest episode ever...


It had been such a long time, that I had to watch the entire series again before watching this episode - to ensure I wouldn't be lost. What is there to say? My title sums it up. An excellent mix of animation, sound and action made this what it is. 10/5.

Very promising.

(Zeroes in the above review scores indicate that they were non-existent in the submission, "Overall" score comprised of an average of the reviewed components)

Much better than Episode one in terms of storyline and overall humor. The Otomite/SBC clock skit did it for me, hands down the funniest part of the show. The animation I think was very good, the effects, the fade-ins and all the fancy camera movements you used were very well employed. The character animation is quirky but likable and fits the show.

The sound - well, how do I put this? The Matt character has a very whiny voice - I don't think it'll fare well unless it undergoes some minor adjustments. I can probably tell that Snowflake is voiced by the same guy because they are very similar, it was just for a second there - I figured that someone who wasn't paying attention to the storyline might think that Matt was nailing a cat in the middle of the SBC/Otomite skit. The other voices are done okay I believe.

The comedy is hit and miss as is expected with any cartoon sitcom, but thankfully they were mostly hit. I watched Episode 1 first and even though it was intended for a contest for a kids show, the sharp incline in expletives was a little unexpected for me in the "Lost" episode, but in the end only added to the funny.

My review title stands however - the show is very promising and I'll surely tune in to the next episode whenever it suffices.

Good luck on your next submissions!

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Good, but try something else.

I really enjoy your movies, they're funny. I mean, you've got a really good sense of humor, and of course that plus other qualities must be the reasons why you have your own radio show and such succesful flash movies. This one was good.

But, well... I think it's time to move on with the subject matter. Enough with celebrities. You've made too many celeb related items. I'll be the first to tell you YAFM rules, and that I think is the only celeb-related series you should keep, but as for stand-alone submissions, trying something else to keep your flashes fresh would be nice.

That of course was just a critique that is aside from this actual game which I thought was fun (Got a "C" by the way) and well, quite simply you get a 9. Good job.

Faulty, but fun.

It's entertaining, yes... but it's buggy as hell. Enemies would die and I wouldn't touch them. My health would drop but no one would stab or come in contact with me. That music was HORRIBLE, I had to turn the speakers down, I swear. Good character models, ok background... needs level ups and different enemies to not make it so redundant.

In the end however, it's the fun factor which makes me give this game a passing grade. Looking forward to an update.

packow responds:

I didnt spend much time on this, but in a few months I plan on puting in:
Better music (I dont like it much either)
A Boss
It to make more sence
and much more...

That was excellent, but a bit buggy.

I gave you a 4 on the 0-5 scale, and I will give you the corresponding 8 on the 0-10 scale. Very nice, I was so impressed. You have excellent talent, it has a really nice interface and realistic sound. It's a little buggy though, if you move the mouse long enough, it will come off the playing screen and leave your character without any movement, something I found annoying a few times. Other than that though, a great flash game in the making.

Keep up the good work!

machstealth responds:

thanks! we appreciate your helpful review!

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